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How TSM’s Safe City Solution is Reducing City Crime Rates


Telstra SNP Monitoring (TSM) is an innovative new business venture changing the face of Australia’s security industry. Through our Safe City Solutions, TSM have deployed the latest CCTV surveillance technology in various local council areas throughout NSW & VIC. Each community now enjoys better security & peace of mind.

City Wide Wireless Surveillance Solution

An increasing trend in street-level crime; including gang activity, drug trafficking, assaults, theft and vandalism was identified in several urban areas of Victoria. Although the police department were working round the clock to apprehend suspects and deter criminal activities, a lack of technology - specifically video surveillance - made the force more reactive than proactive. 

Temporary installations had been found to be a waste of money, time and resources so the client turned to TSM for a more permanent video surveillance solution. Using the latest in innovative technology TSM installed over 50 surveillance cameras city-wide in just 3 months.

The new system managed high definition video feeds from various cameras spread out across the suburbs. With a challenging streetscape to deploy in ground fibre cabling, TSM designed an enterprise level wireless network that was a quarter of the cost of fibre cabling yet was equally reliable. This solution enabled TSM to deliver the project well within the required timeframe and within budget. 

Reliability was a key client concern, TSM designed the network using Mesh technology. This ensured that even in the event a network connection became unavailable, the video signal would be re directed via an alternative route ensuring the client maintained continual connection to all camera feeds.

To ensure the system was even more robust, in the low likelihood the network had an outage, TSM deployed a revolutionary failsafe concept called Video Trickling. This ensured that memory cards within the cameras would capture video directly to the camera in order for the data to feed back to the clients main storage once the network was up and running again. 

This CCTV solution has led to 90 substantiated convictions since it was deployed, with robberies and street offences drastically decreasing. Police in the region have also found it more efficient in apprehending suspects and capturing valuable evidence.

City Wide Fibre Surveillance Solution

TSM also recently unveiled its largest street surveillance operation to date, in a region close to NSW’s capital of Sydney. Integrating new technology and fibre optics, the surveillance solution has paved the way forward for local residents by allowing for future technologies such as public Wi-Fi. 

The multifaceted solution ranged from civil construction works providing network cabling and infrastructure, to wireless and control room technology. It also includes multi-function street poles to replace out dated endeavour energy poles and LED lighting to replace the existing inefficient style lamps.

Green Energy Surveillance Solution

TSM has implemented innovative solutions for a forward-thinking council to reduce costs and decrease the council’s carbon footprint. 
Using superior high definition IP surveillance cameras with inbuilt intelligence, as opposed to traditional surveillance systems (where the smarts are located on a PC in a central location) reduced the council’s reliance on high cost servers and workstations. Removing this need to be connected to a central server ensured the solution could be deployed in remote locations without the need to always be connected back to a central hub.

Additionally, through the use of solar technology, TSM deployed an eco-friendly surveillance solution requiring no connection to mains power reducing both upfront power authority implementation costs and the ongoing costs to manage and maintain the service with the local power authority. 

Communications with the cameras was provided using Telstra's 4G GPRS network and local WIFI ensuring the client could always be connected, whether remotely or locally at the actual camera location.

TSM implement new standard using state of the art electronic security for banking giant


Safeguarding systems and information is vital for any financial institution. 

A banking giant and one of the nation’s leading umbrella financial services brands needed to update its alarm systems across several of its service branches. 

After an extensive tender process it was no surprise that they turned to Telstra SNP Monitoring (TSM) to implement their new standard using state of the art electronic security, based on the Tecom Challenger 10 system.


“The banking group was looking for a company they could trust to implement a highly sophisticated security solution and ensure their business and their customers were secure,” commented Tom Roche, Managing Director, Telstra SNP Monitoring.

With a fixed timeframe of only 11 months to complete over 300 sites around Australia, all parties needed to work together to deliver a multifaceted solution, including organising up to 40 technicians nationally to complete the work after-hours. 

A key criteria was to minimise disruption to the normal day to day operation of the group’s branch network, maintain a safe environment and provide comprehensive training to the bank staff at the end of each installation.


TSM installed top of the range equipment into the branches:

  • 146 kilometres of cable

  • 3818 Personal Duress Activators

  • 1364 - 8 Input Expanders

  • 580 Data Gathering Panels

  • 521 – 4 Led Remote Arming Stations (RAS Code Pads)

  • 364 Electronic Strikes (which needed to be cut into existing door frames).

The main security features include:

  • An area health check on the first staff entry

  • Access test for Fly Up Screens (FUS) and Hold Up (H/U) buttons

  • Contact ID reporting via Securitel

  • Touch screen main Remote Arming Station

  • External Remote Arming Station to open automatic doors

  • Automatic arming with category warning

  • ‘Door Open Too Long’ warning on access doors.

“The implementation of these systems has improved workflow by automating security processes, enhanced reporting to the Security Control Centre and ultimately improved the safety of the banking group’s employees and customers,” commented Roche.

The solution also provides a Security Lock Out on Teller Cash Recyclers and Doors when a ‘Hold Up’ button is activated. A jig software program (Tecom Titan software) solution for the system was developed by the banking group, and enhanced for operation over all variations of installations by TSM’s Operation Manager Gavin Brown – the client provided a jig version at V 4.1 and TSM evolved the jig to a final version V 6.

“TSM’s surveys and stock management towards the end of the project were invaluable and helped to manage stock shortages. We were also able to reduce costs by returning 178 Data Gathering Panels and 201 - 8 input expanders to the client, which was a great bonus,” said Roche.

In addition, TSM provided site setup solutions including site surveys, site planning, scheduling and the programming of systems. The site surveys and feedback at the end of each installation provided a data base of additional security works that the bank was able to action immediately. 

“The entire TSM team worked closely with the client’s Security Control Centre and security team throughout the process, meeting with them regularly to ensure all plans were met on time and on budget,” added Roche.


Thanks to TSM’s tailored solution, the entire branch network has an improved security system with better WH&S outcomes for the business. 

“The client was very impressed with our project management throughout the process, highlighting how everyone worked holistically to meet their needs. The job was complete within the client’s set time frame, with 313 of the 316 sites ready for use by their Monday morning deadline.’

“I’m very proud of my team who went above and beyond the client’s expectations. Given the number of stakeholders involved, the client was extremely pleased with the results delivered by TSM and the overall outcome of the implementation,” concluded Roche.

Securing Taronga Zoo,
Australia’s largest tourist attraction.


Sydney’s iconic Taronga Zoo’s previous security used over 40 independently monitored systems throughout the site, which was both costly to operate and failed provide the visibility required to ensure their total security.

After a competitive tender, TSM secured the contract to upgrade the system and bring it all online within a tight eight month time-frame.


This was a particularly challenging project given the difficulty of access and the number of rare and dangerous animals involved.


The Zoo’s security system was completely upgraded and is now designed to run off a single  security platform. A complete new alarm with the latest access control system was installed - giving control over all areas and Zoo enclosures. It also gives selective access to personnel, as well as the ability to arm and disarm specific regions, all from a central location.


“The new TSM Security System we implemented has provided significant cost reductions, but most importantly, allows real time visibility and provides total security for Australia’s largest – and in many ways, wildest - tourist attraction,” explains Tom Roche, Managing Director, Telstra SNP Monitoring.

We are also very proud of the fact the project was completed on time and within budget.

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