Protecting your home
and loved ones.

In a time where break and enters are becoming more common, it’s essential you have the kind of security monitoring service that you can know and rely on to act quickly when it matters the most.

At TSM, we are more than just a security company. We listen and tailor the best security solution for your family’s needs, then work 24/7, 365 days a year to secure the things that mean the most to you, leaving you with peace of mind knowing your home is the safe haven it should always be.

And in an event, our dedicated teams action the alarm, working quickly to re-secure your premise by sending the appropriate response team immediately. Because what use is an alarm if no one is watching or listening?

Why Us

Simple, Smart Security to meet your needs
Peace of mind knowing we are there 24/7, all year round
Quick, decisive response in an emergency


The nbn is rolling out around the country bringing fast and reliable broadband connection to homes and business everywhere.

Telstra TSM supports innovative new technology ensuring your home security system is future ready, accessing Australia’s largest and most reliable mobile network.

3G SIM Backup

Integrated camera detectors
App notifications
Remote arming and disarming

Home Alarms

Keep you connected when there's an emergency, so we can respond and support you right away.
Is the system easy enough to be used by anyone?
The Control Panel has been purposefully designed so almost anyone in the family will be able to use it. It’s easy to arm and disarm the alarm and you can even give each member of your family their own individual code so you know who’s been coming and going.

Our Keychain Remote is just another one of our simple solutions. It allows you to arm and disarm your system, control your lights, and even send a panic alarm to our 24/7 Monitoring Centre with just a press of a button. It’s another simple, smart security feature.
How do I know which system I need?
No two homes or families are the same. That’s why we have a wide range of systems and cameras to choose from. Get in touch, and one of our security experts will work with you to tailor the best smart security solution for your specific needs.
Is it easy to install?
Yes. It really is. Once our security experts figure out the best systems for you, they’ll install it quickly and with no disruption to you and your family. And if at anytime you need to amend your smart security system, that’s simple too – just give TSM a call.
Will my pets trigger the alarm?
Not to worry. Our smart security sensors are completely pet friendly. We’ll work with you to ensure your sensors work around your animals and avoid any accidentally triggering.

24 Hour Monitoring

We’re always on hand to act in an emergency.

Who will be watching my home?
Our two top tier monitoring centres, located in Sydney and Newcastle, contain the most modern monitoring infrastructure and systems known in the industry. Rated ‘Grade A1’ – meaning they’re accredited to the highest level possible in Australia – they are the backbone to our services to provide you the greatest assurance, and provide fail safe redundancy for continuous coverage. 

Our highly trained licensed operators are alert to the daily patterns of behaviour at each location in our care; at the first sign of irregularity or disturbance, the monitoring centre teams take immediate action to reduce the risk to your property and possessions.
What if something is happening to my home and I’m not around?
Backed by TSM’s 24/7 Monitored Security we can be on hand if a sensor is triggered. We can also get in contact with the emergency services or despatch a patrol service should they be required.The Mobile App will also send you immediate alerts straight to your mobile if a sensor triggers an alarm, or if someone enters your home. You can customise the alerts depending on what best suits your family. And because all our systems are wireless, even if someone tries to damage your system, the signal will still get through to one of our two Grade A1 Monitoring Centres.
Can’t someone just break the system, or turn the power off to gain access to my house?
TSM have smart security systems that run on the Telstra Mobile Network so if a savvy thief cuts the phone line your security system will continue to work. It also has a back-up battery that lasts about 24 hours.

The keypad is also designed so if someone tries to damage the system in order to gain entry into your house a signal will immediately be sent to the TSM Monitoring Centre to alert our 24/7 response team. We’ll follow your pre-agreed contact plan and unless you tell us that everything’s OK at home, we’ll send the necessary services to your home right away.
If I connect to the NBN, will I need to get a new security system?
No, you won’t need to change at all. Our smart security systems are state-of-art, 100% NBN proof and ready to go.

Smoke detectors

See how our monitored detectors provide peace of mind.

Why should I add a TSM smoke alarm to my security system?
Monitored Smoke detectors are a logical extension to your home security system. They provide you with the assurance that your memories are protected, as it's unlikely a thief will steal your family photo albums, but a fire will.

Smoke detectors can be connected directly to your home alarm system monitored by TSM.
How do they work?
When smoke is sensed at any one of the protected locations in your home, the detector will send a message to your home alarm, which will relay the signal to TSM. Our dedicated monitoring team will then verify the alarm and send the fire department, so that help is on the way, whether you are home or away.

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