Securing your world where you provide care.

Never have the pressures on the healthcare sector been greater as it attempts to provide the highest standards of patient care whilst faced with budgetary constraints and performance targets.

With the increasing expectations of the public, who when faced with frustrating delays have contributed to the escalating levels of violence against staff, things can get very demanding. Whether you’re a hospital, nursing home, residential care or work in the mental health sector, we are focused on delivering on­site communication and security products for improved patient care and enhanced staff protection.

TSM understands that the right technology is just the beginning of what it takes to build an effective patient safety program, with solutions engineered for every room of the hospital, we protect patients, assets, and information.

Our products and solutions prescribed for healthcare include:

  • Zoned Access Control

  • Biometric Access Control

  • Employee Credentials for  Pharmacies & Medical Records

  • Staff Protection & Panic Buttons

  • Mass Notification & Emergency  Communications

  • Delayed Egress Secured Opening

  • Electronic Locking—Controlled  Ingress

  • Video Surveillance (CCTV)

  • 24/7 Monitoring

  • Intrusion Systems

  • Fire & Life Safety

Integrating facility security systems and devices with healthcare safety and security systems creates an unprecedented level of visibility and awareness to the functions of alarm monitoring, detection, notification and response.

This holistic approach to security within the healthcare environment provides comprehensive tools to improve the protection of patients, residents, staff, visitors, and physical assets.

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